Multi room Audio System


Multi room audio system is a trending now for your whole house audio system. By multiroom you can stream your sounds to every room wirelessly in the same time.

Airplay 2 streamer

Apple Airplay 2 Multi room Audio System

It’s Apple’s first real move into multi-room technology, with AirPlay 2 finally letting you stream music from your iOS device to more than one product. The WiiM Mini can play AirPlay 2 audio, which allows you to quickly stream audio
from your Apple device to the external speaker or multiple speaker

Amazon AVS Multiroom

Amazon AVS Multiroom

Wiim Mini can works with Alexa which use AVS for multiroom streaming. Download Amazon Alexa App and turn on Amazon devices or 3rd party Alexa Built-in devices.

Sync Audio

Sync Audio

Choose a song to other rooms wirelessly via easy click in our Wiim Home App.

multiroom audio

Play Different Music At The Same Time

You can play different music on each devices at the same time wirelessly in our Wiim Home App.

multiroom system

Multiroom Any Audio Source in One System

Via our Wiim Home App, you can stream any kind of audio source to multiple speakers like WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, line input, spdif input.

Latency Calibration

Latency Calibration

WiiM Mini also has a mic to enable Airplay2 auto sync function, when you use airplay2 to form multiroom, it will listen to the music and adjust the latency if needed.

multiroom streaming

Keep Your Sound In Sync

Wiim Home Support to adjust the latency manual to make sure you get the best listening experience.